I have six zone sprinkling system that is fed through our small lake that we live on. The sprinkler system was installed with the previous owner. In the summer our lake has a large machine that cuts the weeds down in our lake.

One day when we replaced a head on one of the sprinklers, we tested that zone and three zones came on at one time. I called Toro and they advised me to unplug the system for a half hour and it should reset itself. I did that, the same thing happened. They advised me to purchase a new control box. The box was probably 20 years old. So I replaced that and to no avail, the same thing happened.

Then I noticed my filter in the lake was turned over. In the midst of cutting the weeds, the cutter came to close, hit my filter and damaged it. So the problem with my zones came into play after the damage was done to my filter.

I have no knowledge of the sprinkler system and how it works. What effects could this water do to my system without the filtering? Could it have messed up my zones from coming on one at a time? Before this it worked fine.

Can someone help me with my problem? The city is coming out today to look at the damage.