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I have the new K-400 and it's a great machine. It works great for what it does and it would appear to get a similar model (or atleast style) from Trojan Inc I would have to pay $3,000 USD vs the $750 CAD I paid for my Ridgid which does a great job and works just fine....

I'm all for having great tools that are a good quality and will last a long time. But I couldn't justify spending an addtional $2250 for the Trojan to do the same job.

For the price of a Trojan I could buy 4 Ridgid machines....

(This is for a k400 with autofeed and a Trojan Pony (#TR5555) with autofeed.

Although the Trojan does come with 6 more feet of cable!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The K-400 and Spartan 300 are not even close to being in the same class.