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Thread: Delta Monitor Leak

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    Default Delta Monitor Leak

    Hello, I've got a Delta Monitor tub single-handle faucet that leaks. There's a hole on the underside of the handle where I was expecting to find a screw to remove but it just looks like a tiny stem or something (hard to see). What should I replace, or should I just get a new faucet? Thank you.

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    A new faucet would be nice. Of course that means cutting a 3 square foot hole in your tile....so lets look for a better solution! First, the Delta monitor series is a very nice valve, and eminently repairable. There are different versions, so we will need to clear that up. The first step is to get the handle off. A picture would help, but almost always there is a set screw as you describe. If it has been stripped, you will have to drill it out. Handles are readliy available, so don't be concerned if you have to bung up the handle to get the screw out.

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    Check out Delta's website for a parts breakdown. That should show you how the handle is attached. Some have a screw underneath the cap that has to be pryed off first. Some have a setscrew you have to loosen. If it is a setscrew, it is probably an allen head. A set of allen wrenches to find the right size is needed, unless you can find the instructions which may say.
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