Okay, I have done my research and now I am more confused then ever. Our old toilets clog off and on and just plain look old. What I want is a really good 1.6 gal. flush (no more plunger), good bowl wash (I might not mind brushing the remaining solid waste but I prefer not to have my guests face that), a stylish look (probably one piece by not absolutely necessary), a comfortable height (some higher toilets are too high for me), a comfortable toilet seat, and an off white color (bisque, linen, almond, etc). Is this too much to ask?

AS Champion 4 with a terrific flush and a decent bowl rinse. Wonderful! I'll buy it. Then I learn that they are terribly prone to leaks and other problems? Every plumber, contractor and saleman I have spoken to says to avoid these. Also, a couple of reviewers said the one piece splashes water on the lid and seat when it flushes. Yuck.

Kohler Cimmaron Class 6 (or perhaps Class 5) with a good flush by some counts but overall bad reviews for various reasons. Do the Class 5 and 6 rinse the bowl well? Are the flushes different? One reivewer with a video says that the class five absolutely does not rinse the bowl well, but that the class 6 does an excellent job of cleaning the bowl. Many other reviewers say the Cimmaron does not rinse the bowl well, but they do not state whether they are referring to the Class 5 or 6. Very high ada compliant height may be too much for me, but the Class 6 does not come in a standard height. Go figure.

Toto Drake good flush, well rated, but apparently it doesn't rince the bowl well. Kind of a stodgy design and no one-piece version. In the standard height with sanagloss, it is only available in a glossy white. No other colors. Trading plunger for brush?

Toto Ultramax, a really attractive one-piece design with a decent flush but everyone says it does not clean the bowl well at all when it flushes. Trading the plunger for the brush again? Not for a bathroom used by guests.

Also, many reviewers of all three companies state that the toiles on the elongated toilets are very uncomfortable. They are narrow and not flat. I agree wholeheartedly, but perhaps I could trade these out. So is it really impossible to find a 1.6 toilet that both flushes without clogging AND rinses the bowl well? The cyclone flushes are on 1.28. It is hard to imagine that these could do the job with so little water. I'm lost.