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Thread: Lack of info on Toto CST 744SL

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    Default Lack of info on Toto CST 744SL

    Just installed the Toto Drake CST 744 SL. On my first "flush" under real conditions (I think you know what I mean) the toilet plugged up and I had to use the plunger. The primary reason I bought this toilet was because of its reputation for a superior flush. Today, I learned from one of your readers that this toilet has a "variable" flush, one for liquid and the other for solid waste. (I obviously used the liquid flush, thus the clog) How interesting ! As this is not mentioned in the instruction manual at all. What a difference between the two ! Have not had a chance to test it out again but I am sure the results will be much improved.

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    I would expect you have an installation error.
    Did you use a wax ring that had a black plastic horn built into it?

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    The SL uses 1.6 gallons which should be plenty if the wax seal isn't blocking the outlet.

    If you hold the handle down, it becomes something like a 2.5 gallon toilet.

    There are a tiny percentage of people with medical issues that need a trapway larger then 2-1/8"
    If that is the case, if you are in the less then 1% of the population, then I recommend the Caroma from Austria with a larger then 3" trapway.

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    The Drake is not a dual flush toilet. Like all low flow toilets, only about half of the tank of water is used for a normal flush. If you for some reason feel you need a larger flush, you hold the handle in the flush position for a couple of seconds. The allows the remaining water to flush. This feature is not used very often. I suspect you either used a wax ring with a plastic funnel or you did not get the horn on the base of the Drake centered in the wax ring and squished the wax over the hole. It is also possible like a rag or towel was in the toilet when it was first flushed. As Terry pointed out, a very small percentage of the population as a bowel disorder that creates very large and hard stools, but barring that, you have an installation issue.

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    I just installed a Drake about a month ago. First the drake isn't a dual flush and as was mentioned you might want to make sure your wax seal isn't causing a problem. I have "worked over" my drake and no matter what I "throw" at it, it does it's job like a champ. I don't have to hold the handle down, and trust me, if I don't have to hold the handle down, no one should! (Probably TMI, but that is the way it is) As I meantioned in another post, my wife and I have kidded that if our little beagle dog got too close to the toilet, it would suck him in and flush him down.

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