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Thread: Brasscraft Gas Flow-safe valve

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    Default Brasscraft Gas Flow-safe valve

    I'm getting a new washer and dryer tomorrow. Is the Brasscraft flow-safe valve any good? Cause more problems than not having one? There is little chance of the supply hose from getting crimped, cut, moved, etc (the old one lasted nearly 30-years without problems), but the kits at Lowes seem to come with them. Going to replace the gas valve while at it, the old one doesn't meet current codes as it needs a wrench to shut it off. It did shut off, luckily, and not leak, though.
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    There have been some issues with the flood-stop water fuse valve, but I haven't heard of any issues with the gas valves.

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    Sometimes the initial sudden rush of water when a valve opens is interpretted as a broken hose, and the flood safe feature turns the water off. Then you have to disconnect the hose to reset it.

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