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Thread: High Efficiency Toilets

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    Default High Efficiency Toilets

    In our water district, they are offering a rebate if you install one of the following toilets:
    Caroma - Tasman 270
    Caroma - Caravelle 270,305
    Caroma - Reflections 305
    Mansfield - EcoQuantum

    In the MAP report, the Mansfield got the highest rating. But I am concerned about noise, since it is pressure assisted. Does anyone have recommendations for or against any of these toilets? Which one will keep the bowl cleanest? How loud is a pressure assist toilet? Which is best from a repair/maintenance perspective?
    Thanks for your assistance!

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    I have a Mansfield Quantum which is 13 years old. We like it a lot. It is not quiet , so if that is an issue, a pressure assist is not for you. Pressure assist toilets also have special parts

    ( 3 parts really: the tank, the supply group, and the cartridge.) These parts are much more expensive than a Fluidmaster 400A and a Korky flapper.
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    The Caroma toilets have been reliable.


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