Hi guys, I am new to the forum- and boilers in general. I am in the process of buying a home with a gas fired boiler. The only thing I remember about it is that it was installed in 1963, and it has 3 zones. The house is 5500sqft all appliances are gas. The gas bill is close to $6K a year. The electric is not very much more than what I pay now and its a much larger home (both have central AC). I am guessing either the house stays cool, or the boiler is just so inefficent that it is burning money. I did notice the people that live in it now have it on in the summer- the temp guage read around 180 deg. How much of a difference will a new effiecent boiler make, also shouldnt I turn it off in the spring/summer? It seems like it would cost alot to keep that water warm all year round. It has a separate water heater. Any input would greatly be appreciated. Thanks in advance!