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Thread: Replacing a Goulds J10S 1 hp pump for home sprinkler system

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    Default Replacing a Goulds J10S 1 hp pump for home sprinkler system

    Hi all,

    I have a shallow well home sprinker system and the pump is busted. I've seen that I can get a Gould's J10S 1 hp replacement pump in the $400 range. What is the expected cost for the labor to replace the pump and test that the sprinkler system is working?

    Is this something any plumber can do, or do I need an irrigation specialist?


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    Last time I had a pump guy replace my 1-hp Gould's jet pump, it cost me something like $1000. I wasn't there to watch it so I don't know the difficulty but he did it in a couple of hours.

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    Better determine WHY the pump is shot before starting on a new one. Especially if its only a few years old. Use the yellow pages and get some estimates out of pump and well guys. Most plumbers will not be equipped to troubleshoot the system.

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    Default Thanks for the helpful feedback.

    I appreciate it

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    Well I like Goulds pumps so that's a good choice and if you are at all handy you should be able to do the swap yourself without too many issues. Take a picture of the set up and post it.
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    Did you see what he said about plumbers!!
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