I was outside and had two different hoses running full blast as I was watering grass and flowers. I'm pretty sure I've done this before without a problem, but we haven't had much rain in my area so maybe that is a factor?

Anyway, the hose I was using to hand water stopped running. I turned it off and then checked the hose that was sprinkling the front lawn and it too was off. I shut that off at the faucet too.

A few minutes later I was able to get water from one of the hoses again, but I quickly watered a few things and then turned it off again.

About a half hour later my son took a shower and the water shut off abruptly after about five minutes. He turned off the faucet and waited about two minutes before turning it on again and it ran fine.

A few minutes after son got out of shower (he didn't tell me what happened), I took a shower. Everything was fine for five minutes then the water shut off like someone had hit a switch. I turned it off, waited two or three minutes, turned it on and it came on at full strength. I quickly finished showering and am now in a panic about what is wrong with my system.

I reported all of this to my husband who immediately looked at the water tank and said it had 60 pounds of pressure in it. He told me to run water in a sink, which I did, and he said that within a minute the pressure dropped to about 15 pounds.

I've got laundry to do and am afraid to use the washer. Any thoughts on what we should do first? Should we call a plumber right away? All comments and suggestions will be appreciated!