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Thread: Bradford White leaks from silver leg on top

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    Default Bradford White leaks from silver leg on top

    I have a Bradford White gas water heater that just sprung a leak from the front right silver leg of that "chimney?" on top of the unit pictured. I shut off the white valve pictured which runs the hot to the house, and then drained water from the bottom drain to reduce pressure. The leaking water was luke warm, and the water coming out the bottom to relieve pressure is cold. I turned down the temper to "vacation." I've now closed the bottom relief valve and no more water comes up, but if I open the white one again, water comes from that same spot.

    Can anyone just give me an idea of what to expect or if this is any self repair opportunity. I've sweated copper, doing a full bathroom, but no water heater experience or knowledge.

    Naturally its the 4th of July and I have people coming over in 10 minutes, anxious kids, Ribs and chicken on the smoker and pastrami in the oven. Happy 4th and thanks for answering my first post. By the way, its rusty on the top, but not "rusted through" rusty. There are 4 of those "legs" and water only seems to come from that one on the right.
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