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Thread: moving a toilet-- waste line concerns UPC

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    Default moving a toilet-- waste line concerns UPC

    Moving a toilet from one side of the bathroom to the other about 3 feet away along same wall. current configuration toilet connects to the waste stack obliquely. there is a very short distance to stack which is behind and to the right side of the closet flange.

    Goal is to bring 3 inch pvc from new location within its joist cavity over about 3- 4feet to the left ( 1/4bend under closet flange) then drop it down under the joists( 1/4 bend down and 1/4 bend back ) in a soffit for about 2 feet and then another 1/4 bend back to stack where it will join a sanitary y. Basically looping around to the same stack.

    New location will require less than 12 feet of run ( probably about 8ft total)
    there will be at least 1/4 inch per foot or more.
    there will be a total of 4 1/4 bends.

    My other option going more directly back to the waste stack would require less distance and only 2 1/4 bends it would involve structural modifications to the joist (boxing in the flange) which I would rather not do.

    To the question:

    If pitch 1/4 inch per foot) and length (less than 12 ft) are maintained are the added length and elbows of the loop plan reasonable or doomed to clogs.?

    If the run is less than 12 feet is any additional venting required?

    Thank you

    I hope I am being clear enough.

    In Washington State, toilets require venting within six feet, 2" minimum.
    Only 135 degrees of horizontal change on a trap arm allowed.
    If the pipe is black, it's ABS, PVC is white.
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