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Thread: seat dimension problem - toto drake

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    Default seat dimension problem - toto drake

    I have a small bath where the door is opposite the toilet. When you open the door, the door ALMOST hit the front of the bowl on the inswing of the originally installed Cadet! The seat was just slightly inboard of the outer edge of the bowl. I shopped for toilets making sure the front of the bowl was the same length or less as the original Cadet. I found the waste centerline to front edge of the Toto Drake was slightly less than the Cadet's, plus it was given a great rating by Tony, so I bought it. All should be well in the world. HOWEVER, the Drake's seat mount holes are CLOSER to the front edge of the bowl that any other toilet that I have seen! This results in the seat edge overhanging the front edge of the bowl. And yes, the door hits the seat. As a temp fix, I notched the seat so the door can open completely. All the big box seats measure 16.5 inches, from the mounting bolts to the front edge. I need to find 16"! Anyone have a supplier for round bowl 16" white seats? Im in NJ. THANKS! BTW, after 1 month....no clogs. Its a superflush toilet for sure!!!

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    The Toto SS113 softclose seat will bit it better.


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