Hello, if this question has been previously asked and answered, please let me know and point me in the right direction.

Basically, I am moving into an apartment with 2 bedrooms. The bedroom we are going to use as storage has an attached half-bathroom (toilet and small sink). I would like to somehow use this bathroom as a washer/dryer room.

Since I'm renting I don't want to plumb.

I have had some ideas on how to do this:

- Have the washing machine drain directly into the toilet tank with the toilet water off and the tank water valve removed (this toilet will not be used for other purposes).

- Buy some kind of large plastic washer's sink drain to that and have that drain into the toilet or sink.

- Remove toilet and somehow convert that drain into a drain for the washer.

I would be buying a high-effeciency washer in hopes of lessening the flow of water out.

Please, if you have any advice.. chime in. BTW, my landlord doesn't care, and the condo association does not prohibit this. The only thing is that if I do any plumbing wihtin the walls, I need their permission.