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Thread: Super Green Nano Tech Tankless Hot Water Generators

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    Default Super Green Nano Tech Tankless Hot Water Generators

    Super Green Nano Tech Tankless hot water generators are a new generation of electric tankless hot water generators. Super Green THWG units are the first electric tankless hot water generators to utilize the patented Super Green Logic technology to combine the efficiency of non-metallic Quartz heating elements together with the accuracy of a PID Temperature Controller to achieve temperatures within +/-1 Degree F. Our new hot water generators were designed for Safety, Dependability, Reliability and Economy to provide maintenance-free continuous hot water for many years, while being the most Environmentally Friendly as well.

    Super Green Nano Tech Tankless hot water generators do not store water like a conventional tank-type water heater. They contain multiple high powered quartz heating tube elements that are capable of heating water "on-demand" and continuously as needed, so you will never have to worry about running out of hot water again.

    More details,please visit our distributor website:http://www.supergreentechnologies.com/

    Any interest,pm or email are welcome.
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