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Thread: Pressure-Assisted Toilet Smell

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    Default Pressure-Assisted Toilet Smell

    We now have two American Standard cadet wall-mounted pressure-assist toilets. Both bathrooms now have what I can only describe as a "dirty restroom" smell.

    We did not have this smell in the bathrooms before, nor do we have it in our third bathroom, which also has a wall-mounted toilet, but it's an old, regular flush toilet.

    This isn't anything like sewer gas. I know, because we HAD a sewer gas problem when some pipes in the laundry room wall broke.

    Anyone else have this problem?

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    Default Toilet Odor

    When you stated "we now have", do you mean that the toilets were recently installed?
    If yes call the installer and have him/her check their work, you may have defective or improperly installed toilet seals. Rear outlet toilets require a special gasket. Regular wax seals can lead to problems.

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    Default To e-plumber: we had that checked!

    One of the toilets was very hard to mount, and we had to have the plumber come out twice. He also checked the other toilet. I'll double-check with my husband about a special gasket. Yes, they were recently installed.


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