I apologize in advance if this info is already out there but I can't find it and that is why I'm here. Like many others I recently purchased a house and I quickly realized I know nothing about water softeners.

But this is what I do know:

I have a Cole and Massey water softener that has a separate brine tank from the resin tank. The rated service flow is at 4 GPM. It has a digital display with 4 buttons: up/down arrows, program, and extra cycle.

Now when I hold the Program button in for about 5 seconds it takes me to a screen that starts w/a H followed by a number such as "H------29". I assume this is my Hardness setting? It ranges from 1 - 128. Then if I hit the program button again I get a time setting and right now it's at 2:00 AM. After I hit Program button again I'm back to my current time being displayed which switches back and forth from current time to volume remaining.

Finally to my question: How do I program this thing? At the moment I haven't done a water test to see where I am at so I won't have all the information you may need. Right now I'm just wondering how to set this thing up once I do have all the information.

Any suggestions will be much appreciated. Thanks for you help.