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Thread: The NSPC permits s-traps?

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    The inspector didn't allow that connection below the flood rim, even though the ejector would prevent a backup in the event of a clog. I guess a foolproof system is the way to go. I'll just have to tie into a different vent group where I can connect at an appropriate height above the flood rim.

    The inspector also told me that he wanted a 2" vent for the ejector, but I think the applicable code says 'the sump for macerating toilets shall be vented with a 1-1/4" pipe.' (NSPC 11.7.10) The manufacturer's guideline for my pump is 1-1/2", and my system is a self-contained SaniFlo unit that is designed to sit above grade. The inspector is the type of guy who seems pretty open to feedback, but I don't want to risk burning any bridges on a fairly minor issue. I may need to rely on his generous spirit if I ever try to expand my septic system.
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