Hello to all, I am a first timer and after combing around a bit I have decided that this community seems quite a fitting venue for my predicament.

I have a rental property that I have been renovating for quite some time now and in the basement there are plans for a new kitchen and full bathroom. The bathroom and kitchen are to be directly adjacent to one another.

I want to have a separate or point of use water heating system to service the basement. I am leaning towards a tankless unit. I discussed the situation with a few local servicemen and I have received varying info.

All of them have suggested a unit with a flow rate capacity in the 4 to 5 GPM range. However some have suggested that I go with an electric powered unit, mainly b/c of a “flow control” feature that supposedly modulates the varying incoming flow rate in order to ensure an accurate out put temperature.

However others have suggested I go with a natural gas powered unit b/c of the additional efficiency and the fact that natural gas is available.

The “flow control” feature described to me seems very fitting for the type of application, and only a few electrical additions will be required since the basement was remodeled with a separate 200 amp circuit panel. But efficiency and comfort are one of the main selling points I wish to use when renting the property in the future, so I don’t want to rule out a gas powered tankless unit for the basement.

My question(s) is;

Does anyone know if gas powered models come equipped with similar “flow control” features? Or is this type of flow rate and/or power supply modulation unattainable with gas powered units?

When I have asked I received several confusing answers from several pros.