I have 2 separate questions to ask, if you guys have some input, I'd appreciate the thoughts.

1. If on a 15A breaker I have 3 - 100W lights + 12 - 65W lights + 1 water softener tranformer on the same circuit, this equals 1080W being used if they are all on at the same time not including the softener. The softener uses I believe .02 kW/h. While you should not exceed 80% of the 15A circuit (1440W) and although I don't know exactly how much draw the softener has but it seems like it would be very little, would it be a problem for any reason to have 15 fixture + the softener on the same circuit as long as the 1440W (80% rule) is not violated?

2. Does anyone know the maximum ft sq covered by indoor electrical fireplaces and do they require a dedicated 20A circuit like electric base board heat? The big box stores sell units that cover 400 sq ft. and use 400Watts, from what I recall. The blowers seem rather weak, however. I'm considering gas instead, but thought I'd ask.

Thanks for your input.