I have a new well on a property and a new house hooked up to the well. The well is 95 ft deep and the driller estimated flow at 19 gpm with the well filling to 55ft. I have a Franklin Electric 8-stage 3/4hp pump on a variable drive, PSI is just under 50 at rest.

So far the well has flowed approx 500 gallons to my sewage lagoon. I am going to be sending a sample off to be tested tommorow as it is slighty cloudy (Clearing up) and tastes of Iron. In just 1 night I have rust stains in one of the toilets.

I am pretty sure I will need a softener but am concerned about dumping brine from recharging into my lagoon. How big of an issue is the saltwater to a sewage lagoon? Will it kill off the natural process??

Softener selection is pretty limited in my area so I may end up with autotrol or kenmore softener.... we'll see.