Using a Multimeter to check voltages at my receptacles, I have found that no matter what outlet I check, I am getting 159.6v. I checked my 110/120v circuits at the breaker box and they are registering the same thing. Each side of my 220/240v circuits are doing the same. I did this about 6 - 8 years ago and they were all running at 119.4 to 121.5. I did this with a second multimeter thinking the other may be bad, but the same numbers are coming up. I recently had to troubleshoot the 220/240v live to the A/C compressor and each side came up at 123.2v. I noticed that the transformer on our power pole seems to hum louder (very noticeable) than I think it should. So far, I have had no appliance problems. Lights seem to be normal brightness.

Anyone think that transformer is ready to go and would this cause this overvoltage?