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Thread: 3" ouside fit flange too low...

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    Default 3" ouside fit flange too low...

    Hi this is my first post on the forum after days of lurking trying to find the answer to my question. I have taken the advise on this forum and not used a inside fit 3" flange tofit inside my old damaged abs flange, which I need to raise due to travertine tile I am waiting to lay. So I rented a jackhammer and broke around the old flange and painstakingly chipped away the old flange from the "soil pipe"..aka 3" pipe sticking out of ground. I then dry fit the 4x3 abs flange OVER this pipe; however it appears the "sleeve"...sorry for my horrible pluming terminology...the "sleeve" of the flange only overlaps the pipe by 1 inch at most, and I cannot push it further down or the tile and thinset will not fit under. Here is a pic to better explain:

    I put those tile scraps there and raise the flange 1/8 over it and as you can see there is a massive gap between the top of the cut soil pipe and the flange.. so here are my questions:

    1. what is the name of the proper flange to use in my situation given theta the pipe is cut too low and I need the flange to rest flush on top finished floor.

    2. should cut edge of the 3" pipe be snug against the bottom of the flange as to not create a "lip" and possiblity for water to escape through gaps, or is this not a big deal.

    3. what is the best method for installing the flange after the tile is installed..can I dry fit everything and then pour the concrete, while wrapping 3" pipe with cardboard, go ahead and tile with the notches for the screws, then remove the cardboard slip in the flange with glue and screw so that it is for sure a snug fit between tile and flange?

    4. assuming you guys have a good flange recommendation and that is out of the way..when I do pour the concrete, how many days does it take before I should hammer-drill into it to fasten with tapcons. I'm worried if too soon it won't bite properly; however I need to finish this asap and can't afford to wait a week. I have read about an epoxy solution, is this where that comes into play?

    Thanks a lot for taking the time to read through this, hope to here from some pros soon, the sooner I get done with this washroom the sooner I can have my life back, get a paying job, and spend more time with my baby son.
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