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Thread: Kinetico 50 head assembly problem

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    Default Kinetico 50 head assembly problem

    I have a Kinetico 50 and I was having a problem with salt coming through my drinking water when the unit regenerated. This happened before and they came out and charged me a lot of money to pull a piece of glue out of the head. I am very mechanically inclined, so I decided to see if I could pull apart the head to see if there was anything caught up in it. I couldn't find anything so I cleaned it up and put it back together. I kept having flow through the line to the brine tank. I realized that something was missing. When I looked this morning I found 2 small blue balls on the ground where the unit is. I took the head in the house and I can't figure out for the life of me where they go. Of course finding a diagram online is a lost cause.
    Can someone tell me where the 2 balls go? I seen in one post that it said "The check balls are located in the main base. I have had them fall out of place while reassembling the head" But where in the main base do they go?
    Another thing.. On the black gear that goes in first, there is a black line on one side, and a white line on the other. Does that need to be lined up with anything while putting back in?
    Thank you
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