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Thread: Icemaker make-up water slow

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    Default Icemaker make-up water slow

    I replaced a GE Profile refrigerator with a new Kitchenaid french door model. It's been hooked up for 2 days and the ice and water dispenser still doesn't work right.

    It does make ice, but very slowly and the water dispenser will fill a glass with 2-3 ounces of water and stop. It starts out slowly, slows down to a trickle and then stops.

    My husband insists in must be the fridge and not our water line, but I'm not so sure. I've been reading online that the saddle valves are not good and can cause this. Our last fridge was fine, but now that I think of it, it did take a long time to fill a glass of water.

    Can you please tell me if it's possible that having a saddle valve would cause this?


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    Saddle valves can be unreliable. More to the point, when you shut it off to install the new fridge, then opened it back up....it may either have not opened all the way, or some debris may have gotten in the line. You will have to start at the inlet of the fridge and work backwards looking for where the flow is slowed down. Of course if you disconnect it at the fridge and have good flow there, then it is inside.

    One thought: the fridge has a cooler in the refridgator side which holds a gallon or two of water. It is behind the inside rear panel on the fridge. side. You might just try running the glass filler for several minutes, to make sure all the air is out.

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    The icemaker and water dispenser use two different valves. Unless there is a blockage in a screen where the water attaches, and it would have to be a "hose thread" inlet on the valve for that to happen, then it IS the water line or the saddle valve. The water line could be kinked from sliding the refrigerator back against the wall.

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