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Thread: dwv in new log home, UPC

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    Default dwv in new log home, UPC

    Hi, Trying to DIY my DWV in our log home we are building. The house is in Montana which is under UPC codes. My county does not require inspections but I would like to design this system as if it would have to pass one. My main issue is that we have a master bath in the second floor loft of the house and as you can see from the picture, there is no way to do a wet wall for supply/vent on this wall due to the enormous stud pack. What I've decided to do is build out a soffit wall between where the vanity will go and that existing stud wall. The soffit wall will have to be taller than the countertop to allow me to run the vent horizontal once it gets 6 inches above the sink. Once passed the end of the counter/vanity it can turn vertical to where I can run it out the roof. I have no way of venting the toilet besides wet venting it via one of the lav sinks. I believe this is ok, yes? The jacuzzi tub to the right will also be vented by the lav on the right. If I get the ok on this level, I can then post what I'm thinking for the main level bathroom.

    Thanks, Jeff
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