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Thread: Old tile to decorative concrete

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    Question Old tile to decorative concrete

    I have an old existing tiled shower stall (built in 1970). I have had multiple leaking issues, mainly with the tile. One plumbing company told me the tile was leaking in various places, all the way through to the outside walls in my master bedroom. So I am totally fed up with tile and want to remove it, and replace it with decorative stained concrete. Can I actually do this? Ensuring that it is water proof etc. Or is this not possible? I just do not want to deal with tile anymore. Please help, any suggestions are appreciated.

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    You can use the concrete, but it has to be installed exactly like a tiled floor would be with a "safety" subfloor liner, and everything that goes with it. Your problem is not with the shower's tile floor, it is with the way someone installed it originally. Properly done, tile or concrete will not leak into the adjacent room. Improperly done, it will leak no matter what the floor is consructed of.


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