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Thread: Need help and cant find any on google

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    Default Need help and cant find any on google

    Hello everyone.
    I am having problems with my spring pump not shutting off. I have a GSW piston pump running with 1 line in from the spring. From there it goes thru a valve to the tank, then thru another valve and to an ultraviolet lamp , thru another valve and then to the rest of the house.

    I had checked the prime on the pump and it was only blowing air out the hole. I then tried to prime it but it never worked. I them checked what looked like a metal can on the inlet pipe , only to find out it was an inline filter. Cleaned and reinstalled and pump is primed. But the pump still runs non stop.
    I can open the drain on the tank and get , relatively , no water but there is flow upstairs. I cant see the pressure cause the goof that installed it put it a few inches from the wall ,facing it.

    One other interesting thing , i can shut all the valves after the tank and nothing happens but as soon as I close the valve between the pump and tank the pump shuts off and continues to try to run.

    It seemd to me there is a problem with the tank, or mabey the impeller ( but there is good flow ) or possibly the on/off controls but they have never been touched.

    I am completely new to this , we have only moved in a few years ago but the pump has been in for a packing kit.

    Now throw your ideas at me =)
    Thanks alot.

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    You need to put the guage where you can see it. You need to know if the pump is building enough pressure to shut off, or if the pressure will not build.

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