Hi everyone, I was searching the internet for some advice and found this site and was hoping you guys could help me out. A little background...I bought a house last June and this past winter I woke up one day and saw a wall with water damage. Turns out my condensate line from the furnace/AC unit that terminates outside froze causing backup into the house. Had a plumber come out and give me an estimate to relocate the pipe inside so it won't freeze. He suggested connecting it to the sewer pipe and using a trap to prevent sewer gas from backing up. Sounds scary to me! Talked to a home inspector friend of mine who said he wasn't crazy about the idea (but has seen it done plenty of times), what if the water in the trap freezes (it's in my attic) then I would have a backup of gas.

I just want the problem taken care of and am tired of worrying about it. Since it is in my attic, I don't have much choice where to relocate the drain. Any help or comments would be appreciated, thanks!