I have an unusual issue with my Rainbird ESP-TM8 controller. I am experiencing a PWR OFF error but have checked what I understand to be all that I can. The fuse is good, the transformer appears to be good (ohmed it out and no opens), the power level looks right, I've tried switching outlets with no change, no GFCIs are thrown, the breaker is good, and I checked the resistances of the various zones and they are all the same. Resetting the unit seems to only help if I leave it off for a few days. It then flashes between the PWR OFF and the time for a few days (enough time for me to run the sprinklers in manual) and eventually displays the PWR OFF error constantly. I'm not sure what else to check or if I need a new timer unit and how to verify that the timer controller has gone bad without calling and paying Rainbird for their help. Any and all help would be appreciated.