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    Default Contactor replacement

    I had the HVAC guy come out to my place and he told me the contactor and capacitor needed to be replaced. He wrote down the parts I needed and I ordered them from a local appliance store. The new contactor looks much different from my old one and I want to make sure I do it right.

    The two big questions I have are where my yellow wire which was attached to my HI9 goes and I also had a brown wire that was previously attached to the C terminal. My new one doesn't seem to have those labeled.

    Here is a picture of the old one

    The orientation of the old one is the same as in the picture.

    Here is the new one

    I forgot to mention that the HVAC guy said to pull the plug on the furnace before I swapped them out which I did do.

    I found a wiring guide for it and I believe I have it wired correctly, however when I plugged my furnace back in (I followed the instructions on the panel) the fan isn't turning on.
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