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Thread: Well Shuts Off

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    Default Well Shuts Off

    Couple of times a week the water just shuts off. Well Breaker does not trip but if I turn the breaker off and back on water starts immediately. Happens using shower or just washing hands. Pressure tank looks like new and the switch is a 9013FSG2. Any thoughts ?

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    Lightbulb Bad Breaker or Outlet

    I have seen this in the Past . It is a one of 3 items based on your wiring.

    1. Bad Breaker. The tripped breaker spring is faulty and the switch does not trip.

    2. Bad Outlet - Depending on the wiring from the panel to the pump, check for a bad Outlet or if there is a GFI, bad GFI.

    If a bad GFI find the cause of the Ground fault .

    I woud repalce the Breaker first , a small low cost reapir.


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    clean out the line to the pressure switch and the pressure switch also
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    Do you have a pump protector in the circuit? If you do, it may be shutting off the pump. Flipping the breaker off and back on would reset the pump protector.

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