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Thread: DIY Well Shallow Well Gas Auger???

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    Default DIY Well Shallow Well Gas Auger???

    Years ago a friend of mine had a shallow well (15-20' static water level)drilled by a guy W/ a gas powered honda auger. I didnt see him do it, but to this day the well still works for watering just fine. Anyone ever seen this done? How Hard is it? I got a gas auger and alot of ambition. What do you guys think?Leave it to the pros or try it?

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    Big commercial augers like the phone company uses to set poles will drill that deep, but a hand auger you will need a back hoe to get you down as deep as it can first.

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    One more thing. There are shallow wells around me, but how do I decide where to dig? Dowse witching? Does it work?Or should I just dig and hope for the best?

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    You can wash a well down to as much as 100 feet with nothing but a contractors pump and some metal pipe and a well drilling bit. It's not that hard. If your neighbors have 20' wells the shallow water is probably everywhere. A hand auger isn't necessary. Look online for explainations on drilling or washing down a shallow well.

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