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Thread: Question about leveling toilet.....

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    Default Question about leveling toilet.....

    I'm setting a bowl in an old house.

    The floor slopes towards the front of the bowl by about 7/16" over the front-to-back of the bowl footprint. But the top of the bowl--where the seat goes--is close to level. (It's level side to side)

    Wondering if the top is supposed to slope back and I need to shim the bowl in front. It would be a little bit of a job to do that neatly.

    Can anybody advise if this situation will have any effect on the functioning of the toilet?


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    The toilet would likely still function just fine, but I would be concerned about feeling like I was at risk of sliding off at the front. Personally, I would find some way to level that bowl fron to back, and that *might* even include some grinding on the bottom of the bowl.

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    I would still set the bowl flat on the floor.
    You wind up with more water in the bowl, but that's not so bad.

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