Trying to get suggestions on hooking up an outdoor shower with hot/cold supply lines. The shower has 1/2 inch MIPS and the current supply lines are standard 1/2" copper. My design was to use stainless flex supply lines from the shower through the wall and into the crawl space attaching to CPVC lines with shutoff valves and from there tie into the copper house supply lines using compression T's. In the winter, this would allow me to shut off the water supply to the shower, unscrew the stainless supply lines under the house , and pull off the shower head to store for the winter. (the shower head is 4ft wall mounted). If this would work , I'm not sure which fittings and what size fittings,pipe, adapters,valves, etc.. I would need to complete the run from the compression T to the 1/2" shower MIPS. any help would be greatly appreciated!!!