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Thread: Aprilaire 1710A Stand Alone Dehumidifier

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    Default Aprilaire 1710A Stand Alone Dehumidifier

    I am looking to replace my current dehumidifiers. They are loud and they are energy hogs.
    I am looking into the Aprilaire 1710A, stand alone unit.
    But I just wanted to get some experts opinions....to see if it is worth it.

    My current house setup:
    home location: Connecticut
    1200sqft ranch (built in 1993)
    Half of the basement is finished, with a full bathroom.
    Other half of basement is unfinished for wood pellet storage, laundry, storage.
    Finished/unfinished areas are separated by wall and one door (which is typically left open).

    Currently, I have 2 Sears/Kenmore dehumidifiers. They are about 7 years old.
    I have on one the finished side; one on the unfinished side.
    I do not run them constantly; I basically just run them as needed. I have a Radio Shack digital humidistat on each side of the basement. Typically the humidity is in the range of 40-60%.
    In the winter time, I do not run them very often...mainly because my pellet stove (which is on the finished side of the basement) keeps the basement dry.

    So, if I were to purchase the Aprilaire standalone dehumidifier (model 1710A) and were to place it on the unfinished side of the basement, it will dehumidify the entire house, both upstairs and downstairs?
    By putting it on the unfinished side, I can put the unit next to my sump hole and I would not have to empty any humidifiers anymore....

    how good is the Aprilaire unit? Is it worth the money?
    Are there any other brands or units that would work better?

    Thank you in advance...

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    as for other brands with similar capacities, here is a decent link if you have not already seen it:

    I'm certainly no expert, but would not think it would dehumidify the whole house - upstairs and downstairs unless it was connected to the HVAC ducting system. It might effectively do the whole basement if that door was left open or a grate was cut into the wall to allow decent airflow/exchange

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