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Thread: curious about a septic no-no///

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    Default curious about a septic no-no///

    We have a sunken backyard that contains our leech field. We found out that a few years before we bought our house, our neighbor - who is a landscaper - also had a sunken backyard which also contains his leech field. He told us that when he moved in, he brought in tons of soil, and leveled-out his sunken backyard. I saw before and after pictures and the yard originally sloped away from the house pretty dramatically and at about 20' away was a good 4-5' lower than where it started. the yard is probably 50' wide parallel to the house, then sloped down if that makes sense.
    I was just wondering what that does or will do to a septic system. They are our friends and I am not looking to cause trouble, I was just curious because I have read that you shouldn't do that and didn't know why.

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    I have no idea what he did from your description. But since leach fields depend on seepage into the ground, and gravity being what it is, the water is mostly going to travel downward, putting dirt on top of it does little to impair its operation. In fact, when the house has a basement with plumbing going directly into the septic, the tank must be installed very deeply into the ground and that means the leach field is also going to be many feet deep when installed.

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