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Thread: Buderus GB142 and outdoor reset

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    Default Buderus GB142 and outdoor reset

    Hi all,
    I'm thinking of having a GB142 installed. I looked through some online documents and noticed that the GB142 has a built in connection for an outdoor sensor. My salesman says I will need an AM10 module to do the out door reset. Can anyone clarify....if out door reset is built in, why is the AM10 needed? Thanks in advance!

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    Not sure, but mine has that controller. The ability to use an outdoor reset is built-in, but the adjustments of how and what it is supposed to do are done on the AM10.
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    The AM10 is the modulet that interfaces with the boilers aquastat. It reads temperatures and handles the algorythm. Definately worth the expense. Every boiler should have outdoor temperature reset capability. I believe that by 2012 manufacturers are required to have it on all hydronic equipment.
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