Glad I came across this forum. I went to a local reputable dealer and they suggested I buy a Cadet 3 to replace a 10 year old basic Crane that I'm tired of.

I'd never heard of Toto but now that's the way I'm going thanks to this forum. If it's just me in a ranch style home I'm looking between the Ultramax and I've also read about the Drake. Quick questions:

* I'm taller, I wanted a taller height but it seems the Ultramax is the same height as the one I'm replacing? Do I just take care of this with a taller seat?

* I see Terry 'loves' the Ultramax MS854114SG... but I see an Ultramax II here and there on the net. I'm also not sure of why some buy the Drake instead (cost?)

Thanks for any help. I'd like a nice model 1 piece easily cleaned that I don't have to flush 2-3 times and use a plunger randomly. Thanks!

Sorry I'm a noob here if this thread is also here somewhere else.