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Thread: where to start?

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    Default where to start?

    thanks for helping
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    No way we could even guestimate the costs, because we don't know the existing set up. As far as the plumbing goes, the costs could vary widely depending on relative access to sewer main and water supplies.

    When you mention jacuzzi, you should consider a installing a much larger water heater, or perhaps even better, install a second, dedicated WH for this room.

    Speaking of heat, a good HVAC contractor will need to determine if your existing system and ductwork or whatever will support the expansion. SO, choosing a good general contractor who will know who to call in for all these things is important. Normally, you should have an architect. Around here , there are some very good "design-build" contractors , who basically provide in-house architecture service. I believe this is fine when you are not building the Taj Majal.

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    matters what part of jersey you are in. $125 sq/ft, plus min 10g for bath, plus heat, would be a fare start

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    Where is the best place to go to so I can get to contact multiple contractors?


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    Talking the very best place to start

    look through the yellow pages for BBB and ANgies list logos

    Go call the Better Business Bureau and see who is legit first

    talk to Angies list second

    then get estimates from a list of legit ones that have good records

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    Default contacts

    BBB? Nope, they would not get my name.
    Angie's List? Not there either.
    Yellow pages? I am there.

    The first two do not give you access to all of the contractors who might be qualified to do the work, so use the phone book and do it critically.


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