I tried searching the forum but couldn't come up with much.

I just had an outside spigot installed at the front of the house, the original one is not in a convenient location. When I turn on the spigot low, say just a 1/4 turn to let the water out at a very slow pace I hear a very loud banging noise, or pipe vibration. This goes away once I open up the spigot, say a full turn to wide open. The plumber says it's due to high water pressure (I do have good water pressure). I'm not too concerned since I wouldn't keep the spigot on that low but I'm curious as to why it would show up now? The original outdoor spigot is fine when turning it on low, there is an expected noise of water being restricted but does not bang/vibrate loudly as the new one does at that same setting.

I think the plumber did a great job plumbing in the new spigot, it's a very neat job.

Any info would be appreciated