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Thread: Sprinkler startup

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    Default Sprinkler startup

    Hello guys,

    I have a hunter sprinkler system and am facing a problem with the startup. Here is what I did
    - Opened the main valve from the basement.
    - Opened the valve at my backyard near the sprinkler system.
    - Opened the Yellow lever and make that parallel to the pipe.
    At this step, water started coming from all the heads of all the zones but with little pressure. Till this time, I didn't switched on the controller.
    -Then I switched on the controller. Water was still coming from all heads.
    -I assume, I had to close the zone valves. I tried to close the valves but water was still coming when I tried manual operation from controller.

    I am not sure where I am wrong.
    May be, I am not closing the zone valves properly.
    May be, I am missing something.

    Please help. Attached are the pictures for quick reference.

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