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Thread: Basement DWV - can I do this?

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    Default Basement DWV - can I do this?


    I've torn up my basement slab, cut out the segment of my 4" CI pipe with the old BWV and replacing it with a new ABS one. I'm also adding an wye to the drain so I can plumb in my laundry room.

    I know that by code you can't use a 90 in the DWV, but can use 2 x 45. I'm running into a situation where I have to run a 45 into a Wye that then turns 45 in the opposite direction. I've managed to slope everything out properly, so it is all roughly a half bubble sloped in the right direction, but don't know if there are too many bends in the line.

    I will be adding another 4" BWV about 4' from the Wye (top left corner of the picture), so I figure that I can always use that as a cleanout if really necessary.

    This picture is taken from about 5' above the ground.


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