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Thread: I need help with a pump calculation

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    Default I need help with a pump calculation

    I live behind an industrial mine, and my water level is 330ft, with 500ft of well depth (170' of water).

    I am interested in a tiny, small capacity pump, in the order of 115v, 12A, 1/2HP.

    However, the pump says it is good for 230ft. max of head. The pump says it is good for 10GPM.

    I am not concerned with 10GPM, even if I am able to fire up a small generator for 5 minutes and get a gallon of water, I will be happy. The key here is the ability to use a small generator to power this well.

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    A 5 GPM 1/2 HP will do about 3 GPM from 330', with no pressure. If the water pulls down close to 400', that pump will not be able to lift from that far. You may need a 3/4 HP if you want pressure from 330', or water from 400'. A 3 wire motor with a capacitor start box will strart easier from a generator. And you may want to go 240 Volt as it will pull half the amperage and use smaller wire.


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