I've been looking for months for information on how to choose the best pump for my application. I'm basically building an apartment for my mother-in-law in our basement with a full bath, kitchen, washer & dryer hookups, and all. We're on septic tank, and the line going out of the basement is about 1.5' off the ground. I would like to install the pump near this line so it wont have to pump so hard to get the waste water out, but it requires a lot of trenching to get it there. The other method is to install it in middle of the basement and let all the water drain to it from there, then pump it up and out to the sewer line.

My main concern is reliabilty and failsafes to prevent flooding. What is the best pump setup I can buy with the highest reliabilty for frequent use? It will probably run every day at least once, I'm thinking. Also, what else is there to prevent a flood besides the high water alarm? Or will that be sufficient if you're aware of your system. Any suggestions?

I know that the pump will eventually go bad, but I can deal with every 10-15 years as opposed to every 2-3 years. Are my expectations realistic for my application? I'm currently looking at Zoeller (M267) units now with .4 to .5 HP motors. Please help.