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Thread: Putting a T connection at the natural gas line

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    Default Putting a T connection at the natural gas line

    I have natural gas pool heater connection at the inlet close to gas meter.It is in T shape.
    At the T,One connection to house supply and the other to pool heater.
    City inspection guy failed inspection saying install full size T at house side of gas meter line.I am sure natural gas is supplied at some pressure wether you put T connection at the source or take one side T off and put T connection on pipe entering the house should't make any difference.You could easily slide that T joint to source inlet and you have the same situation what we started with.This is the law of mass transfer.Total gas comming into residence
    =Gas supply to pool heater+gas supply to house.
    How can it reduce the gas supply to house completely when pool heater is operating?
    I am sure pressure can't drop to nill on house side of pipe.
    Can you please Give me some input to this problem.Will it really reduce gas supply to house?
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