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Thread: toilet too close to tub

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    Default toilet too close to tub

    I just moved into a new rental apartment. The previous owner put in a very wide tub, and now there's not enough room between the front of the toilet and the tub. I think my landlord may be amenable to solving the problem, provided the solution isn't too expensive. The current toilet is a Universal Rundle (12-inch rough-in) which looks to be about 29 inches from back to front, plus there's a gap between toilet and wall because we've got a 14-inch rough-in. I think what I need to find is a very small toilet under $250, with either a 14-inch rough-in or 12-inch rough-in (I can live with the gap). Any suggestions? Please don't suggest the Toto with the adjustable rough-in, as I don't believe my landlord will spring for a $500 toilet.

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    Default The Toto may still be the way to go

    lesley, the landlord may not think that a $500 toilet is too expensive (it depends on your perspective). If you live there long enough, your rent will pay him back for the expense and it's tax deductible for him. If that toilet solves the problem, then he won't have to listen to the next tenant(s) complain about it. Sorry I couldn't come up with a better toilet idea for you.
    Good luck.

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    What clearance do you have from the toilet to the tub? There are some minor differences between models. You can check specs on all the websites. If you have an elongated bowl, you could gain about 3 inches by switching to a round.


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