For any who live or work or will be contracting in LA, AL, MS a big issue will be appliances and the electrical system.

NEMA ( National Electrical Appiance Manufacurers Association) and GAMA ( Gas Appliance Manufacturers Association) have both issued papers recommending how to deal with flood damage.

In a nutshell, for gas appliances (WH, range, furnaces) GAMA and most manufacturers themselves say any gas appliance which has been submerged MUST BE DISPOSED of. It should not be repaired. It will not be safe or reliable.

NEMA has the same basic recommendation. In the case of large commercial equipment ( switchboards, very large breakers, etc) they say that manufacturers can provide specific procedures for overhaul, including replacement of key corroded components, etc. For residential appliances, including the breaker panels and breakers, stoves, WH, etc. they say it should all be replaced.

This will be a huge problem in the affected area, because charlatans and unknowing DIY homeowners will be looking to cut corners and save a buck.
I am glad that I am not down there having to duke it out with insurance companies who will also be trying to minimize costs.

For the next year, be very wary of any secondary market on appliances, water heaters, or automobiles. There are crooks out there who will be grabbing this stuff by the ton from the salvage operators down there, They will "hose them down", pretty them up a little, wash the title, and put them on the market.