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Thread: HELP! Draining a washer?!

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    Default HELP! Draining a washer?!

    I really need some guidance. We are rebuilding our detached garage which sits about 6 feet below (elevation) and 25 feet away from the sewer line connection under the house (raised foundation). Our property is a fairly gentle slope. Here are my questions, please help!:

    (1) Does code require us to drain the washer into the sewer line or can we simply drain the washer into our garden? (The former owners did this) We live in Pasadena, California.

    (2) If we have to drain to the sewer line . . . is it possible to connect the drain to a sump pump and pump the washer water back up to the house line. It would require a run of approximately 30-40 feet and elevation increase of about 6-8ft.

    (3) Is there another way to resolve this issue.


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    Talking zoeller sump box

    go get a zoeller sump pump that comes with its
    own self contained drum...

    here is a link to a pretty good one


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    Default Can you clarify?

    I looked at the sump pump you recommened . . . but will it pump the drained water on a run of 35-40 ft. with an elevation increase of 6-8ft?

    Also, is it against code to drain into a garden?


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    a) should pump it just fine

    b) Yes, it is against code to drain your washer into the garden


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