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Thread: OT: What manuf u like that STAND behind their product

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    Default OT: What manuf u like that STAND behind their product

    I've yet to have issues with my Grohe LadyLux...

    On my bathroom, I've had issue with my Rialto and poor flapper seating. Our Kohler tub/shower kept on staying in shower mode and the button would not pop back out. Our huge heavy Kohler Cast Iron Utility/Laundry Sink had minor cracks on the glaze.

    Each time I called Kohler, they sent me free of charge no questions asked....newly redesigned flapper/overhaul it for the toilet, rebuild kit that fixed the sticking button and a new replacement CI sink.

    Just started looking at new stuff to buy for the other bathroom remodel.
    While I've got my eyes on a Toto, and maybeeee a Grohe Shower Head since they are supposedly king of Shower Heads....I'm definatly look at Kohler for both Sink, shower diverter and tub spout setups. Not quite sure about bath drains, but is Gerber still KING when it comes to bath drains and reliability...I used Gerber on my other bathtub drain

    THANKS Kohler for standing behind your product.

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    Some locals require a solvent weld assemble on tub drains.
    If yours allows slip joint fittings, then the Gerber tub drain should be fine.
    Normally I've only used slip joint with the Gerberit on a tall soaking tub.
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    I have used about ONE Gerber tub drain, that I can remember, in 60 years, now that I think about it, that may have been an Eljer drain. I seldom use Kohler because their good faucets are overpriced, and the "cheap" ones are not as good as the competition.


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